The Standards of the Well Building Institute

At J.V.Tierney &Co, we have been involved in the construction industry since the middle of the 20th century and we can tell you without fear of contradiction that during this time, it has changed beyond all recognition.

The role of M & E Services Engineers has also changed enormously to incorporate all of the emerging sustainable design methods that have come to bear during this time. Concepts like Passive House, Building Information Modelling and highly efficient renewable energy techniques are now routinely employed to make the buildings as environmentally friendly as they ever have been.

The Well Building Standard

The Well Building Institute (WBI) is an organisation that has played a huge part in revolutionising construction and consulting engineering design over the last decade or so, illustrated by the widespread uptake of environmentally sound practices in the industry across the globe.

The standards set by the WBI are based on the premise that both the comfort and the health of buildings are equally important and that buildings should be designed to reflect this and positively affect the lives of the occupants.


For MEP engineering consultants, architects and designers alike, to be a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) is to display the skills, expertise and dedication required to advance human ‘wellness’ in the built environment. It is a mark of quality and one that ensures that their clients are in safe hands.

The Well Building approach is one that we are particularly enthused by, as their focus is aligned with our own. Only by adopting the standards that the Well Building Institute advocate for, can we hope to create buildings that are better for people, better for the environment and ultimately, better for our clients’ balance sheets.

If you would like to know more about ‘wellness’ in the built environment, take a look at our website , where you’ll everything you need to know and a number of examples of our past work. Alternatively, if you’d like a chat with one our expert team, call us now on 01 421 4900.