Solar Shading Explained

At J.V.Tierney Engineering Consultants Ireland, we are committed to embracing all types of green technology that utilises the abundant energy resources that nature provides. Any concept of sustainable design that uses only natural sources of heat and ventilation is better for the environment and better for the bank balance of building owners.

Solar energy is one such natural resource that mechanical and electrical engineering consulting firms are able to tap into, but there is more to the design than simply making the most of the heat that it provides. Solar Shading is another facet of renewable energy that M & E engineers around the world must take into consideration when creating a design with optimum energy efficiency.

So, what does Solar Shading mean exactly?

Well, sunlight is a very useful commodity, but steps have to be taken to ensure that an optimum ambient temperature appropriate to the building’s use is maintained and that glare is minimised. This is a paradigm that is particularly prevalent in office buildings where too high a temperature or glare from the sun can lead to reduced productivity and an unpleasant working environment for the building’s occupants.

Internal and External Solar Shading Systems

Mechanical engineers must strike a balance when creating the perfect design, as interior solar shading (internal blinds etc) may reflect the light away from the people inside, but there is still a resultant buildup of heat between the shading and the glass pane of the window. This has a knock on effect of requiring powered air conditioning systems to reduce the ambient temperature.

External solar shading is the perfect consulting engineering design solution to the problem as it is able to reflect as much as 80% of the heat away from the building before it has had a chance to affect the air temperature inside. The lack of need for HVAC cooling assistance can save the Clients a significant amount of money in energy savings, so it must be considered.

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