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University College Cork’s Crow’s Nest Student Accommodation development at Victoria Cross will consist of 255 student bedrooms above a ground floor level, a wellness centre and café area.  4 towers, ascending from the 1st floor outside concourse area, varying in height from 9 floors (approx. 36 meters) to 7 (approx. 28.5 meters) . The overall floor area of the development is 8,664.1m2 comprising a net student area of 8,036m2, Ground floor Health and Wellbeing area of 462.4mand a Café area of 125.2m2. ‘clusters’. These  apartments are arranged in ‘clusters’ are composed of a central communal or ‘common’ area containing the kitchen and living room and an adjacent entrance lobby.

  • Primary heating and hot water system will be supplied from a central energy centre located on ground floor
  • Reduced Flow and Return Temperatures on the heating system reducing energy consumption on primary thermal plant (Direct Weather Compensation)
  • Correct disposition of spaces within the building, locating spaces with high casual heat gains to the north facing façade where solar heat gains will be lower
  • Efficient use of natural daylighting to reduce artificial lighting
  • High Efficiency Mechanical Heat Recovery
  • Natural ventilation to provide fresh air and ventilated cooling
  • Automatic Controls for Heating & Cooling, eneral Lighting, i.e. presence and absence detection
  • High Efficiency LED lighting
  • Addressable emergency lighting system
  • Low water content heating emitters, low water usage sanitaryware fixtures
  • Enhanced Building Fabric and Air Tightness levels exceed current Building Regulations, minimising static heat losses
  • Roof level PV array designed to generate a portion of the electrical energy required on site
  • Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) coupled with metering of plant and heating water pipework services for optimum control of energy use

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