Oracle Block B Cloud Sales Centre Dublin wins Green Project of the Year Award 2016!

J.V. Tierney & Co. were the Mechanical & Electrical & Sustainable Design Engineers and acted as LEED Commissioning Agent (CxA) for the New Oracle Cloud Sales Centre, Block B, East Point Business Park in Dublin. The development has achieved a LEED 'Platinum' Accreditation.

J.V. Tierney's Sustainable Design Innovations included in the Block B Development helped achieve the LEED 'Platinum' Rating

Energy use reduction - Oracle committed during the refurbishment to ensure the building demonstrated a 40% improvement in the building proposed performance rating compared with the baseline building performance rating

Installation of “Green” vegetated roofing system

Innovative lighting - the lighting scheme was influenced and developed using integrated and suspended high efficiency LED fittings with daylight and PIR controls as part of an “Enlighted” system; the lighting solution within this building was specifically designed to maximize ambient lighting levels with 100% of the light fittings have a sensor to enable the lights to dim automatically taking into account the natural day-lighting levels and occupancy in order to save energy and reduce the buildings overall carbon footprint

Solar photo-voltaic panels to provide the building's electricity

Automatic solar-controlled blind systems

VCDs, Solar Panels, Heat Recovery, BEMS

Standby Generator Supply for Full Electrical Load over 72 Hours

Alternative fuel, electric vehicle charging station provided

Water efficiency: Water consumption was reduced in Oracle Block B by 44% which is less than 1/2 of a similar Irish office building

Bicycle racks for approximately 100 bicycles and top-notch shower/dry room facilities

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