Facade Engineering Explained

The external fabric of a building plays a vital role in its overall technical performance - as such, façade engineering is becoming an increasingly important facet of sustainable design. Facade engineering takes account of aesthetic, structural and environmental issues in the design of a buildings enclosure. M&E engineering consulting firms must consider how buildings function with regards to environmental impact and energy efficiency in conjunction with the external appearance.

Traditional Facades

The construction industry has come a long way since the concrete landscapes that emerged in the 20th century with designers now required to do more than simply enclose a building. Façade engineering not only assists a building to consume less energy, but can also help to create tangible financial savings by converting the renewable energy of the sun into electricity.

Using contemporary technologies like Building Information Modelling, Thermal and Daylight Modelling, M&E engineers are able to control every aspect of lighting and airflow to the benefit of building occupant and owners.

Holistic Strategy

M&E engineering consultants employ a holistic approach when designing buildings, with 3D BIM/thermal software technologies enabling all parties to access a centralised model which assists in identifying potential design clashes.

Major Impact

A building’s façade effects the requirements for heating, ventilation and lighting. Therefore, a well-considered façade can have a significant impact on a building’s overall energy efficiency and consumption.

In general, a façade accounts for a significant cost of a building. A well-designed façade will usually require a greater initial investment; although more costly to absorb at the beginning the energy savings gained over the lifecycle of the building can outweigh the upfront costs.

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